Soutsida Chicaga Street Gang in Millenium Park

From Left to Right 
Front Row
Bob Stevenson, Sandy Schuessler, Renee Toppin, Bob Glines, Bob Hendry, Dave Innes

Back row

Al Linsenmyer, Mirjana
Bartl, Craig Hullinger, Chuck Kueneth, John Barber,
Pete Terry, John Meeks, Larry Herman, Jane Mulder arrived late

Up to His Eyeballs in Alligators

Jim Nesci, MPHS Jan 66 and his trained alligator on U tube with his trained alligator

Go to:
type in hq agt audition

John Barber, Bob Hendry, Bob Glines, John Meeks

Craig Hullinger, Bob Stevenson, John Meeks

Bob Glines, Pete Terry, John Barber, Bob Hendry

On Aug 24, 2009 Don Martensen wrote:

Craig, I see rave reviews coming in. You've got a winning system for organizing fun reunions in an efficient, no fuss, no hassle, low cost way. Everyone else expends a lot more time and energy on what are probably less enjoyable outcomes. And most can't do it without convening a bunch of committees. 


Thanks for the kind words, Don, but you missed the reunion. Don't think flattery will get you out of the virtual reality counselling session with Miss Camutz.

She will come in a dream vision, land near MPHS, and will be very severe with anyone who misses MPHS reunions. And she does not give any excused absences. So all of you who missed any MPHS reunions, even when you had a valid excuse, can expect to meet her in your dreams. She is flying in a UFO, which lands in Millenium Park, and she will Beam you up back into High School.

She is Baaack !!

She will be very severe!!!

UFO Abducts students from MPHS in 1966,
returns in 2009 in Millenium Park

Jane Mulder arrived late, catching up

Dave Innes and Jane Mulder

Pete Terry, John Barber, Bob Hendry

Mr. and Mrs Larry Herman

John Meeks, Larry Herman

Dave Innes

Larry Herman, Sandy Schuessler

Renee Toppen, Mirjana Bartl

Sandy Schuessler, Mirjana Bartl, ReneeToppen, Jane Mulder, Bob Glines

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Renee and the Morgan Park Mustang. Who Knew?